Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Parenting is no easy job. Since last October it has been especially hard with Parker. Parker is struggling with respect, pride, defiance, depression, no verbal communication, and making good decisions for his life.  As parents we have tried counseling, boundaries, love, discipline, begging, yelling, prayers and open communicate. We are asking you to join us in prayer. Prayers for a heart change not just a behavior change. Prayers for God to break down walls. Wisdom and direction for Bryan and I as parents. Peace in our home for Lilah and Collin. Protection for Parker while he is making poor choices. God has a plan for Parker. More then I can ever imagine and I hold on to that promise.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Half Marathon??

My sisters have convinced me to run a half marathon with them.  Ok they are trying to convince me to run a half marathon with them.  Im not really sure Im buying into it yet.  13 miles of running is not something I have on my bucket list.  Its a trail run at Farragut State Park.  You camp out the night before and have a potluck dinner.  They are trying to butter me up with the food and beauty.  Its a pretty good idea if Im honest.
My knees had stopped me all together from running.  However, I heard that running on a treadmill wouldn't be so hard on them so I decided to buy one.  Its an amazing treadmill. If Im telling the truth Im a little in LOVE with it.  My knees still get sore but don't throb and ache like they use to.  Running is a funny thing.  You start out and can't even make it a mile.  You think why would I ever run, I hate it.  Then you keep pushing yourself.  You get support and accountability.  Before you know it your running two miles and you find its kind of easy.  And up and up you go in miles.  I hit four today.  Its the perfect distance for me....I can run it in the same time it takes me to watch an episode of Once Upon a Time.  Im still not convinced I want to run 13 miles but my sisters keep encouraging me to train.  We will see.  Right now Im actually convinced I like to run.  And that is a crazy thing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Not to long ago I was at Costco checking out.  The cashier asked me what was written on the cuff around my wrist.  I looked down at my cuff and said, "daughter of the one true King"  He replied with a "um" sound.  Not really negative or postive just indifferent. I immediately felt my face turn red.  I told him, "have a great day" and left.  Walked away and felt mad, guilty, ashame.  Why did I turn red?  Why did I cringe inside a little when he gave me his answer.  Why was my gut reaction to not tell him what my cuff said.  I love Christ.  I am a follower of my Savior.  So why did I not want to shout it to the whole world.
Just a few days later I saw a news report about 21 Christians being beheaded.  ISIS took these men and killed them because of their faith.  I saw the picture of them all lined up and cried.  Cried because they held their heads up high.  Cried because they were brave and ready to die for what they believed in.  Cried for their families who watched.  Cried for the man who cried out to Jesus before he was beheaded.
I read an article today that hit my heart.  It said: "People are dying for the faith we take for granted, that we take and hide under a bushel, that we take and paint vanilla- so we dont get persecuted. Are we people who humbly take up the Cross and take our faith seriously- or people who seriously take and hide our faith under a humble bushel?"
Its so easy to share faith with others who believe as we do.  To share with people who are open and receptive to it.  But what about the ones who attack, who are indifferent, who want to hear nothing you have to share.  What about the ones who are lost and hurting.  Who want to make you hurt.  Who hate you and your faith.
Sometimes we need to feel uncomfortable.  To make others feel uncomfortable.  To not look just like everyone else in this world.  To not always play it safe.
The article I read ended with this: "Once when I was a little girl, I tried to behead a dandelion in full orb and if you behead a dandelion in full head-
you send a thousand more bravely out on the wind."
I want to be that brave.  I humbly ask my Lord to make me brave for Him.  To help me fight off my self, my fears, others, Satan and to be brave for Him.  Because I am the daughter of the one true King.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Taking action

I had someone share this with me the other day and found it to be super interesting.  In my life I am always finding sins/struggles that I want to get rid of.  I start by wanting to completely remove it as fast as possible.  I identified it, tell myself I will not struggle with it any more, and when I fail I try again.  Usually I realize its going to be a long process so I decide to get God involve and I pray about it.  Then after I pray I try my fast plan again. On and on it goes.
Im not going to lose my temper.  Im not going to gossip at all.  Im not going to have any impure thoughts.   Im not going to let my pride get in the way.  Im not going to be selfish.  Im not going to think anything unkind.  Im not going to let those voices tell me Im not good enough, skinny enough, smart enough, or doing enough.  Im not going to freak out about my house being dirty.  Im not going to get consumed with meaningless things.  Im not going to over eat.  Im not going to drink more then 1 cup of coffee.  Im not going to buy more clothes.
Im full of everything Im not going to do.  I set myself up to fail.  I do fail.  I feel guilty.  I begin to think I will never change.  After so long I begin to see only Christ can take the sin/struggle away from me.  I depend on him.   And I have seen Him release me from things.  I grow in my faith and my walk.  But what if I took a different approach.  Dont get me wrong we always need to depend on Him.  He is the one who can release us from the chains we carry. But what if we turned it into action.  Instead of everything Im not going to do I think of what I am going to do.
I am going to do something unselfish today.  Im going to find two opportunities to hold my tongue.  Im going to recite scripture of truth when I hear the voices.  I am going to do 5 random acts of kindness.  Im going to find one way to show someone I love them today.  Im going to open my eyes to others around me.  Im going to buy/make something for someone today.  Im going to eat carrots today as a snack.  I am going to say Im sorry quicker.  Im going to have 5 lunches in my car to give to the homeless.  Im going to do one outreach project at my church.  Im going to have a game night this week with my kids.  I am going to turn off the radio while in the car and talk to God.  Im going to look at my kids when they talk to me today.  I am going to call one friend today just to tell them I love them.
My plan is to take some action.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lets do this!!!

Our family is heading to Kauai Hawaii on Monday!!!!  Yes!!!  We leave tomorrow to stay in Spokane and head out at 6am on Monday.  Staying till the following Monday night then we leave on a redeye flight. We are so excited.  I asked the kids what they really would like to do/see there.  Here is their list:

1. Get a shark tooth necklace
2. See the hotel
3. Go snorkeling
4. Eat shark
5. Look at hats

1. Get a turtle necklace
2. Eat shaved ice
3. Go snorkeling and see a turtle, pufferfish, and shark!!!
4. Collect seashells on the beach
5. Boogie board

1. Golf
2. Souvenir shop
3. Golf
4. Relax
5. Golf

Hoping to mark off at least a few of these things :)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Where you at?

Where you at Phelps Family?? Whats up with you guys???  Let me tell you :)

Collin: The boy is into rocks.  Breaking rocks, collecting rocks, throwing rocks.  He has also picked up the reading bug that this whole family has.  Its awesome to see him reading big chapter books now.  Video games are a must.  High on the list right now are Madden 15 and Guitar Hero.  He is a pro in those worlds!  He is in math spike (advance math) and complains constantly.  But hey he can already handle fractions.... it was a rough few lessons but he can do it.  He also just got picked to be in a language spike.  However he is not happy about it.  The little boy stage is slipping past.  It still shocks me to look at my baby and see he is not a baby.

Lilah:  This girl is a busy bee.  She goes to two youth groups and loves both.  She is getting really good on that saxophone of hers.  Some 5th graders have joined morning band and she is their coach.  She is over it already, lol.  She loves being on student counsel.  She is doing junior leadership at our church.  Her favorite is when she gets to do the video announcements!  She is an emotional roller coaster lately.  Up down and all around.  I love seeing her grow into a young lady.  We have a great relationship and I pray it continues to grow stronger. Her heart is full and willing to love all those around her.

Parker:  Nothing prepares you for a teenager.  Nothing.  Ive been working with youth for over 10 yrs now and its nothing like doing it yourself with your own teen.  We have had some big downs but are making our way back up that hill with Parker.  It has been rough.  The communication can be nonexsistent.  But I still see my first born boy in there.  He is just on a road of trying to figure out who the man is going to be.  We have had amazing support!!!  I cant thank enough those who have encouraged us, supported us, held us while we cried, talked with us, and taken the time to walk with Parker.
He is still running and runnning.  His ablility to run 4 miles without blinking an eye is amazing to me.  He is getting ready to try out for the golf team.  Every night you can find him in his room putting golf balls into a cup.  He is also getting ready to attend a youth conference in mid-Feb and is pretty excited for it.  He is talking with his youth pastor about taking more of a leadership role in youth.  He started Young Life this year and is really enjoying it.

Terra:  My second babies (my niece and nephew) are still with me.  Its crazy to think Trisha will graduate this June.  The house with not feel the same without the 3 of them here with us.  Im slowly thinking about where my life will go next year without them.  Im going to give some more time to Young Lives.  They are hoping to have me lead a new program for our girls who graduate Young Lives.  It would be a two year program that focuses on growing them in their faith and becoming Young Live Mentors if they wanted to.  Im really excited for this program!!!  Ive also thrown around the idea of going back to Starbucks 12 hrs a week.  The free coffee keeps callling me back :)  This family also keeps me super busy and I love being open to love and support them.  We will see in the fall.  I know God has it figured out so I wont stress.  Ive been running for 3 weeks and decided that my knees just cant take it.  Im pretty bummed out.  Lewiston is full of hills.  I dont know if thats the problem or the concrete Im running on.  Looks like Ill have to sign up at a gym, become a fast pace walker, or use my elliptical.

Bryan:  My man has been all about the new bathroom downstairs.  After finding some water leaking issues he ended up ripping the whole thing apart.  He has done all the work himself (with the help of his friend Nate) and I have to say it looks amazing!!  We painted it yesterday and he has been busy laying the floor down.  This spring we are also starting the project of opening up the basement to a huge patio.  He wont be doing that project but busy watching over it.  We are getting ready to branch our small group in March.  With that he will move into a coaching role along with us starting up a new group.  Its exciting to see God opening these doors for him.  He has taken a Patriots stand for the Super Bowl.  It makes me sick that he would side with Brady so we wont even go there.  Hey I love him but that is not acceptable :)  Work is going great.  It doesnt get much better for him in that department.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Should Peyton Manning Retire??

He probably should.  Most likely wont.  Ill sure be sad when he does.